The volunteer organizing committee for the Tim Hortons Pavilion Cup Pond Hockey Tournament will not 
continue to plan and coordinate the annual fundraiser and community event for 2016. 

 “The biggest challenge for the Tim Hortons Pavilion Cup has always been the weather”, said Deborah 
Lawton, Community Program Coordinator for Lily Lake Pavilion.   “Saint John was always very supportive 
of this event.  It brought back a lot of special memories of time spent at Lily Lake and over the past 7 
years, it created many new memories for everyone involved, both on and off the ice”. 

“The Lily Lake Pavilion would like to thank all the volunteers, players, partners and sponsors that 
committed time, resources and dollars to the event over the past 7 years” said James Stanley, Chairman 
of the Lily Lake Pavilion Board of Directors.  “The Tim Hortons Pavilion Cup became more than a pond 
hockey tournament.  It grew into the premier winter event in Saint John that attracted thousands of 
people, young and old, to Lily Lake”.   

In 7 years, the tournament raised $265,895 for Lily Lake Pavilion, a registered charity & non-profit 
organization.  Over the years, the funds were used to send 850 kids to summer Camp Awesome; 
establish MOVIES in the PARK, the outdoor movie program that thousands of families enjoy each 
summer; support RECREATION Your Way, a day of activities for persons with visible and invisible 
disabilities; SENIORS in the PARK, a quarterly luncheon for 220 seniors; and AWESOME Adventures in 
the PARK, a program that adds recreational and educational activities to summer camps for Big 
Brothers/Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club, Y, and Multicultural Newcomers Resource Centre. 
Lily Lake Pavilion will work with volunteers to develop new fundraising and community event 
opportunities to ensure that the existing community programming in Rockwood Park continues.  

The City of Saint John will continue to coordinate Winterfest activities February 5 & 6 at Lily Lake.  These 
activities will kick off with the Pavilion hosting Pretty in Pink on Friday night.  There has been interest 
expressed in coordinating a one day Youth Tournament and more details are expected early 2016. 
The Lily Lake Pavilion is a registered charity and non-profit organization that is governed by a volunteer 
Board of Directors.  All funds generated in the operation of the Wallace MacMurray Banquet Room, 
Canaport LNG Board Room and Lily’s Lakeside Casual Dining support community programming in 
Rockwood Park.  


For further information contact:

Deborah Lawton
Community Program Coordinator
Lily Lake Pavilion

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